Fatima – the lying Pimp

NiqabpureMany muslim women fear their husband’s becoming polygamous more than anything else.

Many of us wonder, who are the secret wives? Who are these women who are so eager to be maintained and have sex they are gladly willing to be secret concubines?

Well, many are poor women, maybe widows, or young girls being forced by their families to marry old married men. These women are just as much victims as the real wives.

What is really impossible to understand are women who are so evil, so backstabbingly selfish, that they willingly “marry” somebody else’s husband KNOWING that the husband-to-be hasn’t even told his first wife of the second woman’s existence. Or the women who watch their husbands marry a second wife without forcing him to let her know that the cheating liar already has a wife!

Only a cheap, selfish, greedy backstabbing whore would enter a “marriage” behind the first wife’s back, or, like a dirty pimp, allow her husband to cheat an unknowing poor victim into polygamy . It’s especially evil if the other wife has children. This means that the woman is willing to go behind a sister’s back, steal her husband, steal her children’s father and half their livelihood in order to be maintained and have sex with someone else’s man. This is the cheapest kind of whore.

This is Fatima.

The lowest of the low.

Fatima gladly helped to destroy another woman’s life and steal her husband, the father of her son, even though she half-heartedly tries to claim that she didn’t know the first couple of months of that second marriage.  For years, YEARS she continues to live however as this man’s secret hooker without objection, enjoying cheating a poor child out of his father. Out of shame the husband didn’t even tell his own mother of Fatima’s existence, but she didn’t care. As long as she could keep him from his son and his wife by keeping him in the US she didn’t care about being a secret WHORE. She just spread her legs to him every time he wanted to go visit his son and made sure he almost never did. When he did go to see his wife in India, and came back, Fatima in her perverted way tells us that their sex life gets more passionate because she’s thinking about how the deserted wife may be pregnant. 😦

Fatima was proud of being a secret whore and her husband’s pimp , because the way she saw it, this is islamically correct. Helping her husband lie to the other innocent woman was something Fatima bragged about, because it’s allowed in islam. At the same time she gladly threw hate and dirt after other people living their life in freedom and equality, because to her a woman is allowed to fuck another woman’s husband, rob him from his son and prevent him from going home to see his son, and keep lying to his family about it because this is islam. A woman however in Fatimas world has no rights what so ever. Now, when her man has finally divorced his other wife, having been manipulated by Fatima, she complains about him buying stuff for his family in India. Of course, putting out to him all these years, Fatima want’s to be properly paid and not have to share a cent with her husband’s poor family in India.

No wonder she sells contact lenses with dollar-signs on the website she claims belongs to her and her polygamous husband. What website is that?

Well, she publishes the address at Polygamy 411, if you want to know.

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