Whose Rights come first in Polygamy?

Heart-beatMy husband said I don’t have a right to make him keep his promises to me when he is extremely tired after nursing his sick #2. He claims a polygamous husband has a right to be tired too.

I said fine, that means you forfeit your day, because if you’re too tired to go out to dinner you’re obviously too tired to have sex as well, and I have a right to sex, islamically.

So bye bye husband.

I picked up Graham and he and I spent a wonderful evening at the fab restaurant where my husband had made dinner reservations. Then we spent the night.

When I came home this morning my husband was furious. But I just said hey, you gave up the evening, you gave up the night. If you give up your time, I am free to use it with my #2. Suck it up.

My husband asked if I’ll ever stop paying him back for becoming polygamous.

I said no.

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