Husband and Wife – time in Polygamy

French_KissIt’s extremely important when you’re living polygamy to spend quality husband and wife-time together. To celebrate your relationship, your love, and to be romantic without allowing your own or your partner’s other marriage to invade your privacy.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go out for dinner today, to find a romantic spot and share a romantic meal and just be husband and wife. My husband made a dinner-reservation at a really nice place just outside Cambridge, and I’ve been looking forward to going.

Now, when he came home, he asked if we could postpone dinner and just stay home for a “cosy” evening, since he’s been up a couple of days and nights, taking care of #2 who’s been ill with stomach flu.


He’s the one who decided we were going to live polygamy, he’s the one who decided he wanted another wife, another marriage. He’s the one who has to make it work. I don’t have to pay for HIS problems with HIS hoe. In a monogamous marriage, of course if somebody has been ill, you can spend a couple of days resting. But you can’t do that when you are a polygamous husband! You can’t spend your energy on one wife, and then expect the other wife to allow you to rest on her days instead of being with her. This is part of the polygamy-package, so suck it up!

So I just screamed at him: You’ve already taken one of my days because of her, you just can’t take this evening too. You are not coming home from her, bringing tiredness, sickness or whatever. You can’t just live the ups of polygamy, you have to pay the price too!!

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