Do you ever have Sex with both your Spouses on the same Day? Q&A

Question: Do you ever have sex with both your spouses on the same day?

Answer: Yes. If the swop is on a weekday, I change from #1 to #2 before I start work. I run my own business, so I work from home, when I am not out lecturing. If it’s a weekend, we usually make the swop around lunch.

When my husband first became polygamous I begged him not to have sex with #2 the last morning, so as to avoid him coming to me, straight from having sex with her. He refused, because he said that she had a right to sex and I had no right to infringe her right. There was nothing I could do about it. So I used to make him take long showers the first thing he did when he came home. I didn’t have sex with my husband at all the first months after he became polygamous, I just couldn’t let him touch me, the thought of him touching me made me sick. I made him take long showers just to be allowed in my house. The first time I had sex with my husband again after he became polygamous was a couple of days after I first had made love with Graham. Of course, my husband didn’t know that at the time.

When I became polygamous too, and told my husband about it, suddenly my husband wanted us to agree on not having sex with the other spouse just before the swop. Of course, I refused and said that Graham has exactly the same right to sex as my husband’s #2. We had a lot of rows over this because the thought of my coming straight from having sex with Graham is extremely upsetting to my husband. But there is no way I am going to refuse Graham a right that my husband was claiming for his #2!

So yeah, it happens more often than not actually that I have sex with both my spouses on change over day.

2 thoughts on “Do you ever have Sex with both your Spouses on the same Day? Q&A

  1. No. No I wouldn’t. I love Graham and couldn’t stand to give him up. I have a feeling my husband doesn’t love his #2 at all the same way… 😉

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