Are you Curious about your Co-wife? Q&A

Question: Are you curious about your co-wife?

Answer: Ok, I won’t get started about the term  “wife”, I’ll just try and answer the question. 🙂

Yes,  I am. I have met her a few times. The first times were out in cafés and restaurants. She hardly spoke English then, and she’s a niqabi, so the meetings didn’t really tell me much about her. My husband told me she was just 18 when they “married” but I have grounds to suspect that she was actually younger.

She came to my house once, a couple of weeks ago. She started arguing with my husband about my house being immensely nicer than hers, not caring that I inherited the house, along with a considerable family fortune, when my parents died. She was screaming that she had a right to everything just the same as I have, so I told her she’s cheap imported trash and deserves nothing. No, the meeting wasn’t a great success…

I know she’s from Yemen and I know she’s taking English classes. I also know bits and pieces about what she likes and dislikes, but that’s about it. Understandably, my husband doesn’t like to talk about her with me. Sometimes he tells me bits though, in the hope I’ll tell him something about Graham in return. My husband is just as curious about him as I am about his #2. I suppose we want to know our competition…

My husband tells me #2 is showering him with questions about me. I never ask him much about her though, I prefer snooping… 😉

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