Will I go to Heaven even though I am polygamous, and do I want to?

Houris on camelback

Houris on camelback

I don’t know how many times I’ve been told that polygyny is a beautiful thing, a religious thing, it’s permitted, responsible and caring and the men who practice it will be forgiven anything by women, because they are men, and Allah has decided that whatever they do we must submit and admire their superiority or else they have the right to beat us. So being 60  and marrying a 9 year old is beautiful, doing it without telling you first wife is beautiful, beating your first wife if she complains is beautiful, and so on.

For me, who had half my life thrown in the trash by a husband who chose to marry a girl younger than our daughter,  to take on a second, fully grown and free, spouse who’s fully aware of my being already married will take me straight to hell though I’m told.

I can’t believe the bigotry of these people…. 😦

But when I read descriptions of paradise according to islam, I can tell you – I don’t want to go there!! It’s like the wet dream of an oversexed 14-year old.. All men will get houris and virgins and their wives will become beautiful and they will be able to have as much sex as they want with the virgins, the wives and the houris. And alcohol – as much as they want.

So I’m asking, who came up with this paradise? Was it Muhammad, or was it Beavis and Butthead?

What about women in this “paradise”? Well, they will be happy because they will be beautiful, and because they won’t be jealous when their husbands are off fucking hundreds of virgins.

Ok, so I can tell you – I’ve decided to go somewhere else when I die.

I believe there’s another kind of heaven for people who believe in equality, in not doing to others what you would not have them do to you, who believe in honesty, not the right to lie to keep peace in the household, who believe that it’s wrong with violence and abuse in the home, who believe children are off limit to old, dirty pedophiles. That’s where I want to go. Those who want this other place can keep it.


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