Do you ever Compare your Spouses? Q&A

Aspects_of_Violence_%28Himsa%29Question: Do you ever compare your spouses, I mean as lovers?

Answer: Yes I do, And I can tell you for sure your polygamous husbands do too. It’s impossible not to! First of all because there are differences, and you are bound to notice and compare these. Especially in the beginning, when you are on the adventure of discovery. Comparing is an inextricable part of taking on a new spouse. Just as you will compare their sense of humour, their cooking, their habits – you will compare them as lovers. I understand that this can be stressful, but sorry, it’s the truth. And since I am on a four day schedule I will, even without thinking about it, compare quite often, because four days is enough to get used to one experience, and having to readjust to the other. So yes, I keep comparing.

And just as I know who is the better cook, I know who is the better, more satisfying, lover. 😉

2 thoughts on “Do you ever Compare your Spouses? Q&A

  1. How do you deal with handling the jealousy that goes along with this? I am new into polygamy, and my situation is probably not the “norm” as it is….

  2. Well, really there’s no way to deal with it. I can just let the jealousy engulf me like a tsunami and hope I’m still standing when the wave has passed. When polygamy is discussed a lot of people (men) claim that women’s jealousy is focused on the love-part or possibly having to share the money-part, while men’s jealousy would be about sex. This is crap! There is absolutely no difference, I know that now when both my husband and I have experienced the roller coaster. My best advice is to be honest. Talk about how you feel. All of it. Be specific. There is no way your spouse will understand what you mean otherwise since he has never experienced anything like it! That is the selfish part of polygamy… I’ll try to write a post today, telling you how I tried once to make my husband understand the jealousy, just after he had become polygamous. Thank you very much for a good question! You are very welcome here at Polygamy 911, I hope to hear more from you! 🙂

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