Noor – Utter Darkness

The incestuous marriage of Jupiter and Juno

The incestuous marriage of Jupiter and Juno

Noor’s husband married #2 after 26 years of marriage. He told Noor on their daughter’s wedding-day, with the typical consideration of a muslim, polygamous, husband.

Noor tells us that she falls to pieces. She becomes sick and depressed, looses sleep and the will to live. She decides to stay with her husband anyway, because she wants the financial security. So, Noor becomes another victim of societies that make women religious and financial prisoners of their husbands.

She tells us how she has to learn to share her husband with a 20-year old university student, his new wife, while her husband won’t even let Noor use the internet when he’s around because it makes him jealous and he wants her to stay totally focused on him and his needs. You would think that Noor might resent this but no, it is a man’s right and Noor writes that men are different – they have needs and desires and their jealousy is a beautiful token of love. Women’s jeaolusy on the other hand is, according to Noor, an ugly sign that they are ruled by Satan. Men are superior, and have superior rights. Women who don’t recognize this are hell bound according to Noor.

Noor still after a couple of years has issues with living polygamy, and she states that this is due to her inferior emotions and religion, being a woman. We must remember that Noor belongs to a religion whose prophet stated to women: ” I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you.” With brain washed stubbornness Noor insists on contradicting the existance of Human Rights and keeps preaching women’s inferior rights and status. If you don’t recognize that you as a woman are in inferior creature, you will end up in hell. Women who are non muslims will surely end up in hell. Noor writes: “Many women hav suffered and commit suicide to themselves or to their children.” after being forced to live polyfamy. Since polygamy is permitted in islam, these women will go to hell, because their actions show that they have not surrendered to Allah and their husbands. So, Noor joins our pack of Haters.

She also hates her co wife. However, when the co wife bends to Noor authority as #1, and kisses her feet, Noor is willing to forgive her – if she “knows her place”. And here, things become really disgusting…

Noor has written earlier about the fact that she too gets sexually aroused by the sadist side of living polygamy, she writes about using the Ipad, and her husband’s jealousy to get him active in bed. Now, talking about her co – wife,  she reveals how she has made polygamy a sexual turn on in a perverted way. She is thinking about her co wife as her daughter, considering her to be her daughter, she writes, and in her mind she is obviously imagining her husband fucking a person she is thinking about as their daughter. She also writes that she and the co wife refer to their husband as their “brother” when they talk about him. So, Noor has chosen to cope with polygamy by turning the show into a way of living her own incestuous perv dreams….  Then again, Noor comes from a society where cousin marriages are norm, so there is a cultural acceptance of incest which fosters this kind of perversion. So Noor becomes a Hater and an incestous pervert who gets her turn on from imagining her husband fucking their daughter, imagining fucking her brother, and spewing hate over all who don’t  agree with the beauty of allowing men to make slaves, whores and punching bags of women.

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