Friday in the Chilterns

Looking_down_on_the_Chilterns_(79419548)Curled up in the sofa with Graham. Enjoying Stephen Fry, having shared a bottle of wine, just spending the evening in silent company.

I’m extremely tired, having spent long hours at work this week. Tomorrow, Graham is planning on doing some work on the roof of the barn. I would have loved to help, but it’s time to go back to London and #1.

I used to love going back and forth, looking forward to meeting the husband I hadn’t seen for many days. Now, I feel tired. I do miss my first husband, and I’m happy to see him. But I’m starting to realize why many people living polygamy choose to share a home. I wonder what my husbands would say if I suggested it? And my first husband’s #2… 🙂  Well, might just turn out she’d prefer it to living in a rat’s hole in the suburbs… 😉

With all the commotion of the last weeks it’ll be interesting to hear how Bim’s doing (that’s hub’s #2 – I found out from an sms I saw that he calls her Bambi!! – so I just can’t help giving her the fitting name Bimbo, or just Bim.. 😉  ) My husband tries not to talk too much about me to Bim and vv, but with everything that’s going on now, he can’t seem to help himself. I’ll wait and see.

Bambi – yuck!! …. :p

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