Muhammad – The self-righteous abuser

MosqueMuhammad has been married for many years to a pakistani, muslim wife who loved him, gave him children and served him the way muslim women are required to.

In return, Muhammad married a second wife. He told #1 in advance, and wrote about the screams of pain, the tears, the begging and the prayers for mercy that his wife showered him with.

Muhammad’s reaction was to pray for Allah to make him a strong leader so he could make his wife understand that Muhammad’s right to marry again outweighs any consideration he owes his wife. Respect, love, consideration and mercy were not something that came into the equation. Muhammad’s lust for a new wife and his right as a man to demand obedience and compliance from his first wife when he decided he wanted an arab wife to get some variety and new excitement in bed was all that mattered. Muhammad enjoyed showering the blog with quotes from the Quran and the hadiths that proved that this was the correct islamic view. His wife’s objection, according to Muhammad was due to her being low in deen.

So, Muhammad married a second wife, a woman who, being arab, had no qualms what so ever about marrying a married man, even though she knew that the first wife almost died from the pain.

The first wife’s becoming seriously ill from the unbelievably painful trauma did nothing to stop Muhammad – his god given right to fuck another woman was more important to him than the life of his first wife. The only thing that really upset him was his wife’s reaction, her not immediately submitting to his superior rights.

He spends almost two years complaining about how his first wife is making life hard on him, just because he is using the rights Allah has given him as man and husband.

It has been nearly 2 years since I married second wife. I have tried many times that both meet and see each other. In my view that would resolve lot of misunderstanding and bad feelings. However my wife 1 does not want to hear wife 2 name. Second wife is little more understanding, as she came into my life knowing that I have another wife. However for first wife I have cheated and destroyed her dreams and ambitions.

I do not know what to do. I wanted a calm life and to be loved. However what I have end up lot of headache. I know you would say I should have content with one wife. What I do not understand most wives we accept it is allowed in Islam but I would not accept for me.

Eid is always time for trouble, where shall spend that day. One is always not happy, both lives 500 miles apart, both want Eid morning to be spend with her. Even for me the Eid is now ruined.

Lot of times do not feel going home and face any of the wife.

Poor, poor Muhammad! ^^

As we can see, he is absolutely renons of any empathy with his wives, any ability to see that any of this is his own fault. He is a man, a muslim man, and as such he has god given superiority and god given rights to satisfy his own ego, his own sexual dreams of fucking many women, and no obligation at all to consider his wives. Well there are some rules saying that a man should be kind to his wife, but this doesn’t really mean anything when that kindness doesn’t even include letting her have a say in his taking a new wife…. =0

And what advice does he get from the Hater Ana?

You can’t let the wives control you. You have to be the authoritative figure.


Muhammad lets us know that his way of handling the situation is to threaten the wives. He tells them that if they don’t submit to him willingly and serve him at home and in bed without complaints, he will marry #3. Alhamdulillah…

He brags about being a good husband, and gives as an example of this that he didn’t force himself on his first wife when the pain of his getting a second wife stopped her from being able to have sex with him. Having sex with his wife whenever he wants, no matter how the wife feels about it, is a god given right to the husband and he can beat his wife if she says no, or deny her food, but guess what – Muhammad is such a wonderful husband that he didn’t beat her!!

Even when Muhammad tries to come off as empathic, he gives himself up as an egotistic, male chauvinist psychopath pig:

I understand first wife suffer more in polygamy at least this is the case for my first wife. She has lost weight (from suffering),  ..however it is good thing for I like her new figure even more.

Further on, Muhammad tells us that when his second wife went into labour, he left her to go to his first wife instead. She was going through hell knowing that he was having a baby with #2, and Muhammad figured that her mental instability might offer him an opportunity to force her back to his bed. So he used this moment of acute depression and psychological illness to trick her back to having sexual relations with him. This of course constitutes rape. So when his second wife was in hospital to give birth, he left her to be able to use his first wife’s PTSD to fuck and rape her.

Later on, Muhammad’s first wife miscarried,  due to the stress and never ending pain of being forced by her husband to live polygamy. By continuously torturing and raping his first wife Muhammad killed her child. One of the women at Polygamy411 dared suggest that he, having caused the death of his first wife’s expected child by his continual selfish cruelty, might refrain from making #2 pregnant immediately, but give #1 time to mend before she had to live with hubby making the other wife pregnant.

Muhammad was very indignant at this suggestion. No WAY was he going to consider the feelings of his first wife – it is HIS RIGHT to have as much sex and as many babies as he chooses from any of his wives and even suggesting that he might want to show some consideration for his #1 was horrendous…

Muhammad is a splendid example of the true face of an islamist husband. This is what men become when they believe they are superior and have been given rights over women by god. He shows us how the askewed views on gender and sex offered by certain interpretations of islam make abusers and haters out of men.

It’s men who think like Muhammad who beat their wives, starve their wives, rape women who dare be on the streets, kill girls who want to go to school. All in the name of religion. All the while stressing how obedient they are to the words of god, and what good protectors they are of women.

(Source for all Muhammad’s

16 thoughts on “Muhammad – The self-righteous abuser

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  2. I was two months pregnant when my husband told me he had a new wife. I became very ill. I could not eat I only vomitted every time I tried. I had attacks when I could not breathe, I hurt and hurt I had pains in my stomach and my head and my body because he betrayed me and gave me this pain. I had to go to hospital to get nourishment from a tube. The doctors told my husband our baby would die in the stomach if he didn’t take the stress and pain from me. My husband said that if I had been a good wife and muslimah I would have loved for my sister what I loved for myself, so Allah was punishing me. He said he has a right to other wife, 3 or 4 if he wants, and every imam says he doesn’t have to consider me. If I only obey I would be well again. Since I was in hospital he stopped coming because he said that mean I loose my days to other wife. I cry and hurt. My baby died in stomach. My doctor told my husband our baby died because my husband would not take away pain and stress but made it worse by leaving me. My husband said I killed the baby when I could not be happy for him to have other wife. I know my husband killed my baby. How can a man be like this? I cry when I read about Muhammad and his wifes. Does he know that he has killed his baby?

  3. Oh, I am so sorry for you! I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to have your husband murder your child, just to be able to fuck somebody else. My heart goes out to you. And blaming you for it too – it’s really sickening. As to your question, I am sorry to say I believe Muhammad isn’t any more penitent than your husband. These kinds of men believe that women are their slaves and that being able to fuck whomever and whenever is one of the major rights Allah has given to men. If they kill their babies or drive their wife to suicide in doing so, they are not to be blamed. Many of these men are pedophiles too, since they’ve had “prophets” fuck little children of 8-9 years. This makes it their right to rape children, and nothing would persuade a man like Muhammad that he cannot rape children, when his religion tells him he can. Thus, religion makes murderers, pedophiles and rapists out of these men.

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  5. Muhammad’s tale was perhaps the most difficult to come to terms with. He’s worse than all the others. Al least the others are not hypocrites. This guy actually is one. He talks as if he is the most pious husband in the world and refuses to acknowledge his mistakes. I remember his posts where he says he ‘apologised’ to his first wife for all the pain he has caused her, but at the same time explicitly declares that he has done no wrong to her. What a hypocrite!!!!!!

    I also can’t imagine how a genuinely loving husband can be responsible for getting his so-called ‘beloved’ in a psychologist ward. He inflicts the scratch and talks about healing it with his creamy words.

    I remember one time where he described how his first wife let him into bed once again after his second gave birth. It was just too painful to read. My limbs ached from reading his duplicitous lies.

    He also recounted how his first wife exercised her Islamic right of asking for a divorce from him. But once again he proved that he selfishly wants to keep her as a prisoner just to satisfy his heart’s false declarations of love. He described her tears and pleas for divorce so figuratively that my eyes swelled up with tears. Yet he once again proved himself a selfish jerk who cares only for pleasing his own heart.

    And Ana, the less said the better. She even once encouraged him to get a third wife. (There was a particular commentator on that blog. Her name was Mina and she was divorced by a cheating husband and Ana suggested her as a new wife for Muhammad. And Muhammad openly stated that he was open to the idea, albeit as a last option if Mina exhausted her chances o find a single man for herself).

    Seriously, you call this love? I am a man and a Muslim one at that. My future princess, wherever she may be will have her beautiful heart and soul protected by me, HER MAN, at all costs- Insha Allah. How can a REAL man slash his wife’s heart like Mohammed.

  6. I had an anonymous e-mail from a reader who complained about my language. He/she found some of the four letter words offensive. I fully understand. I can tell you that normally I never curse or use any kind of foul language. I do however use some four letter words here on the blog. Why? Well, of course it’s a question of rhetoric. I’m using foul language to describe foul actions. Simple as that. These men are claiming divine rights to live sado-porn fantasies, so I’m using porn language to describe what they’re doing. If you find the language offensive, I do hope you find their actions even more so. What’s worse – fucking and raping a sick, defenseless, loving woman who is in your care, or describing it using the words “fuck” and “rape”?

  7. Salam

    You are right that many men are hypocrites when it comes to polygamy. This husband is an example of the shame a bad man can bring on Islam. I am sorry men use Islam this way, but it is not grounds to generalize over all muslim men. I wish also you would not use words to lose the respect of decent people. I understand your anger but it is important to show respect. I believe it is important to show hypocrites and talk about what is wrong when people practice Islam incorrectly or use permissions to be selfish. But it would be better and gain more if the discussion could be held with respect. Not for men like this selfish husband, but for people who read and are willing to talk.

  8. Hello and welcome. I know my language can be offensive. I have explained it above, and I also have a warning on my homepage.

    It is funny, I noticed somebody just posted a link to my blog on an islamic website, (I suppose that’s how you found this particular entry?). It was reported twice within minutes and the post with the link has now been removed. Censored. Ha ha. That’s islam for you! Silence all critical voices, ban truth and remove opposition. Like scared children bullies, silencing anybody who dares question them. If they were really righteous, they would stand up for their truth and welcome criticism so they could answer it! No, instead they hide, oppress and bully. Says it all, doesn’t it? (Did you see – I’m not afraid to post THEIR link here?? Spooky! 🙂 )

  9. Salam,
    Fiona you already know how I feel.This story however, has made me hate the opposite gender,even more.I still do not get the reason women stay in a place in America where,they have a choice to leave.I asked my sister ,and mom about polygamy and if they would ever stay,both my mom who is 65 and sister who is 32 both replied they rather starve.I see ts all about the way you view yourself,and Allah mercy.Sisters should realize that pain is not love.I cant stop crying from this story,must leave and explain to my husband why am freaken out on the computer again.


  10. I’m so sorry Souamaya,

    I don’t mean to destroy your day! I know how you feel though, I don’t know how many times I have cried while writing here, how many times I have wept with frustration over the situation women find themselves in and how men treat them. Men who claim to love them! That’s why I keep writing this blog. If I can reach out to one single man or woman, if I can save one single child from forced polygyny, it will be worth while!

  11. “Because she is Arab” isn’t likely the reason she accepted. In Yemen and the rest of the Gulf, where the sick tribal mentality still holds, yes, women accept. But do remember there are 22 Arab states and the female inhabitants of the majority of these states absolutely refuse polygyny, which is why men from, for instance, Lebanon or Tunisia will find a convert to become his secret second wife.
    Most Arabs figured out long ago that polygyny doesn’t work, so it’s become rare, except for the very poor in outlying places, or for the very rich, who love to show off.

  12. You are right. I am sorry for the expression. I should have written something like “because she has been raised on traditional arab values” or something of the sorts. Again, I am sorry. My bad.

  13. No offense taken at all, I just wanted to give credit where it’s due. Arab women outside the Gulf have long rejected this heinous practice and believe me, that’s one of the many reasons so many hate converts, because they’re the ones trying to bring it back into common practice (as evidenced by the posters at that other site).

  14. Our friend Muhammad visited 411 again and this time is asking for advice because #2 had the audacity to call him during #1’s time, seeking advice from her husband, the father of her child, because their daughter (an infant as far as I know) wouldn’t stop crying.

    Of course the pack told him #2 mustn’t interrupt with such menial things as concern about a child’s distress into his time with #1. Muhammad, as the other parent of the baby, should not be bothered with such things. #2 should find someone else to get advice from.

    Never mind the baby could be extremely ill or something. Or suffering from separation anxiety from her father who flits in and out of her life. But back to the illness thing – one of the first symptoms of my daughter’s spinal meningitis was uncontrollable crying. She was in PAIN for pete’s sake. Then the fever spiked. Had I not gotten her to the ER and fast, she literally would’ve died. I suppose none of this crosses their minds. It could be a serious problem the baby is having, but how dare the baby have this problem and the concerned mother call at an inconvenient time? Keep to the schedule, dammit!

    (sorry, I do have a foul mouth in real life as well as on the internet!)

  15. This left me absolutely speechless for a couple of moments.

    Is there honestly a single soul who, reading the underlying story, can claim the children are not deprived of their guardian in a traditional polygamous marriage? The more traditional the household, the more depending “feebler minds” (aka women, supposedly) are on their guardian to provide endless knowledge and wisdom. Like, on medical stuff. Whether your baby *might need ER care*. Or the language of their country in cases where they were imported brides from “back home”.

  16. This is one of the worst stories in my opinion too. Sadly, this man is still proud of being polygamous and how he handles it.

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