Spring is coming

Magnolia_campbellii_flowersSunday with my husband.

#2 is still very upset he tells me, and I can tell he worries. I know I was harsh with her, but still I believe that protecting her is my husband’s job, not mine. She should not have come to my house and started to yell to my husband about not providing her with the same standard of living. Her behaviour was totally unacceptable. I know she’s young and vulnerable, but you can’t claim to be old enough to marry, someone else’s husband no less, and then claim that you’re not old enough to take the consequences of your own actions. Sorry.

I don’t know anything about how my husband has handled the situation, I haven’t asked. I’m hoping he will have to tell her about having cut the tubes, but I doubt he’ll do it unless forced by circumstances, which was what I was trying to bring about.

Well, not my problem.

Today, we’re going out to play arborists in the garden. My husband has taken the Weber out, and we’re having some people over for lunch. They say

it will rain later, but what the heck – the sun is out right now!

Time to make the conservatory pretty for easter.


Spring is in the air! 🙂

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