How do I divide my time between my spouses?

Question: How do you and your husband divide your time between your spouses?

Well, first of all, my husband became polygamous first, so he set up a schedule. He spends four days with me, and four days with #2. My husband has tried to follow islamic rules that say you have to share nights equally between your wives.

When I became polygamous too, we simply kept that arrangement. When my husband first took on a second “wife”  we both got to choose 3 days each for “special occasions” She made a list of three, and so did I. She said I could have first pick, so I chose Christmas Eve. (My son refuses to have anything to do with his father, so I spend X-mas Eve with my husband and our daughter, and then I spend Christmas with my daughter, my son, Graham (#2) and some family) She chose Eid al fitr. Then I chose our anniversary (in July) and she chose Eid al adha. Then, I didn’t really know what to choose. I mean, I want to be able to spend some New Years, and some birthdays with Graham and my children, so I didn’t want them as set days with my husband. So, I did something not so nice. Once, when I was looking for some aspirin in the bedroom cupboards I happened to find some kind of paper from their “wedding”. So I knew it took place Nov 5. (I had asked a couple of times, but he refused to tell me..) So – I chose Guy Fawkes as my third set day… :p I could tell he was really consternated by this – obviously it was the third day on her list….. He kept screaming that I had never cared about Guy Fawkes, but I just explained why I didn’t want to choose my birthday, and said I didn’t want to cause him to sin by choosing any other christian holiday…. 😉 So in the end he called her, and she chose to add another day to Eid al fitr.

Apart from that, we get two vacations each, 7 days+4.  A couple of times we have added an extra weekend vacation, maybe added 2 days to the 4, and if all agree that’s been fine.

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