Do I ever think of one spouse when I’m having sex with the other? Q&A

Question: Do I ever think about my husband when I’m “doing the do”  with #2?

Answer: In the beginning, mostly I thought about #2 not being #1. You know, my husband was the first and only man I had ever been intimate with – just realizing that another man does things differently was a revelation of sorts… 🙂  I was so in love with #2 that no, I didn’t think about #1 when we made love. However, after I had told my husband that I had gotten another consort and embraced polygamy and he totally went berserk, proving himself to be a malechauvinist hypocrite even worse than before – yeah I enjoyed thinking about him when I made love to Graham. Picturing him squirming, feeling the enormous agony I had already felt, was sweet for a while. How ever, it did make me feel guilty – not about my husband, he was simply getting to eat a plate full of what he had so willingly dished out to me – but about Graham. I didn’t want to bring thoughts of my husband to his bed.

Has anyone asked their own polygamous husband this question? My husband asked me, and I told him the truth. He told me he had thought about me in the beginning, when he was doing the do with #2, and that it had felt strange, a bit of a bad conscience mixed with enjoying doing something that felt slightly forbidden. He said that at first, a couple of times in the mornings, when he woke up and found a new woman in the bed, he felt a few seconds of panic before he realized who she was and why she was there… He also said that at times, he has enjoyed thinking about my jealousy when he has slept with #2. I think that is a common reaction… He also said that a couple of times the thought of my pain and hurt prevented him from doing anything at all with #2…

How do I keep up with two men? Well, how do the men keep up with two women? 😉  At least, I don’t need Viagra to fulfill my marital obligations to both my consorts …

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