Do you ever have Sex with both your Spouses on the same Day? Q&A

Question: Do you ever have sex with both your spouses on the same day?

Answer: Yes. If the swop is on a weekday, I change from #1 to #2 before I start work. I run my own business, so I work from home, when I am not out lecturing. If it’s a weekend, we usually make the swop around lunch.

When my husband first became polygamous I begged him not to have sex with #2 the last morning, so as to avoid him coming to me, straight from having sex with her. He refused, because he said that she had a right to sex and I had no right to infringe her right. There was nothing I could do about it. So I used to make him take long showers the first thing he did when he came home. I didn’t have sex with my husband at all the first months after he became polygamous, I just couldn’t let him touch me, the thought of him touching me made me sick. I made him take long showers just to be allowed in my house. The first time I had sex with my husband again after he became polygamous was a couple of days after I first had made love with Graham. Of course, my husband didn’t know that at the time.

When I became polygamous too, and told my husband about it, suddenly my husband wanted us to agree on not having sex with the other spouse just before the swop. Of course, I refused and said that Graham has exactly the same right to sex as my husband’s #2. We had a lot of rows over this because the thought of my coming straight from having sex with Graham is extremely upsetting to my husband. But there is no way I am going to refuse Graham a right that my husband was claiming for his #2!

So yeah, it happens more often than not actually that I have sex with both my spouses on change over day.

To Deny my Husband his Days

Bahamas_-_No_Entry.svgMy husband texted this morning and said that #2 has been up vomiting all night, he says apparently she’s got a stomach flu. Well, I don’t want to get it – especially not from her.

So, I answered my husband that in that case he can’t come home today. He’ll have to stay with #2 and take care of her, and make the days up to me later.

He answered that if he stays with #2, I will forfeit my days.

I answered, No way! You and #2 are responsible for the situation being that I can’t use my days, since I don’t want to contract her disease. That means she has destroyed my days, hence I have a right to get them back. My husband answered no, and that he’d be going to our house in London later, and I could choose to use my days with him there or not, but that I have no right to deny him his days.

The slime! He just wants to get away from her stomach flu, and obviously he doesn’t want to nurse her and wipe puke….

So, I asked the housekeeper to alter the alarm code, and I have just texted my husband that he won’t be able to get in.

Let’s see what happens now… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Are you Curious about your Co-wife? Q&A

Question: Are you curious about your co-wife?

Answer: Ok, I won’t get started about the term ย “wife”, I’ll just try and answer the question. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, ย I am. I have met her a few times. The first times were out in cafรฉs and restaurants. She hardly spoke English then, and she’s a niqabi, so the meetings didn’t really tell me much about her. My husband told me she was just 18 when they “married” but I have grounds to suspect that she was actually younger.

She came to my house once, a couple of weeks ago. She started arguing with my husband about my house being immensely nicer than hers, not caring that I inherited the house, along with a considerable family fortune, when my parents died. She was screaming that she had a right to everything just the same as I have, so I told her she’s cheap imported trash and deserves nothing. No, the meeting wasn’t a great success…

I know she’s from Yemen and I know she’s taking English classes. I also know bits and pieces about what she likes and dislikes, but that’s about it. Understandably, my husband doesn’t like to talk about her with me. Sometimes he tells me bits though, in the hope I’ll tell him something about Graham in return. My husband is just as curious about him as I am about his #2. I suppose we want to know our competition…

My husband tells me #2 is showering him with questions about me. I never ask him much about her though, I prefer snooping… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Being a Second Spouse in Polygamy

Easter-Eggs-1I am working with Graham in the kitchen, preparing easter dinner. Right now I am taking a break, sipping a glass of wine and watching my man cleansing mussels while he’s singing and dancing along with Mungo Jerry. I love him so much.

The other day I asked him about being #2, I wondered if he ever thought about it like that.

He said that sometimes it can bug him that my first husband was the one who decided on the schedule, who came up with the four days and the vacation schedule and Graham has just had to adjust to that. So, just like most women in polygamy, Graham has found the schedule the hardest thing to adjust to.

But otherwise, he says, he doesn’t think of himself as #2. Our “marriage” is ours, he doesn’t allow my husband in. Graham has asked me not to phone or text my husband when he’s around, and I’ve always respected that, so has my husband. We simply keep our marriages separate. All good.

Graham says that sometimes jealousy eats into him, but he tries to keep it at bay.

The only thing that really makes him angry towards my husband is the children. Graham loves both my children and they love him. Graham can see how immensely and irrevocably my husband hurt the kids by becoming polygamous. So, he says this is the only thing that makes him hate my husband. I can understand that.

I wonder if muslim men who live in the West realize that becoming polygynous in a Western country where this is not acceptable might cost them their children? Or if they are so blinded by their thoughts of their “rights” that they don’t care?

To my children, today, Graham has become their dad. I think this is what hurts my husband the most.

And when my son’s children grow up, they will call Graham grandpa. ๐Ÿ™‚

Would you make your Husband Divorce his Second Wife if you could? Q&A

Question: Would you make your husband divorce #2 if you could?

Answer: Well, first of all I don’t really agree with the term “divorce” since in my mind they aren’t really married. He is married to me, I’m the only one with a valid marriage license, and we live in a country where bigamy is criminal. The fact that they had some kind of hoax wedding, a voodoo kinda ceremony called a “nikah” does not mean that they are married. No way. No more than Barbie is really married to Ken, Buzz Lightyear and Winnie the Pooh after my niece has said abracadabra over them and sprinkled them with lemon juice and declared them all to be married. ๐Ÿ™‚

Apart from that, would I want him to leave her? Well, in a way I do. You see, I hate her for what she did to my family. She knew when she “married” my husband that they did it behind his first wife’s back, she did that willingly which makes her a liar, a cheat, a homebreaker and a whore. She also knew that we had children, and that they knew nothing about their fathers choice to become polygamous. This didn’t stop her. Her need for sex and money was more important than my children’s right to their father. It’s her fault my son is saying his father killed himself. So, in a way she is a murderer. She knew that I am not muslim, so she knew I would never accept any islamist excuses for her whoring, stealing and cheating. So – I hate her. I would love to be able to pay her back. To cause her any pain to make up for the pain she has caused me and my children. I hope she goes to hell. Just for her sake, I hope there is a hell.

But at the same time, I have paid such a high price, my husband has paid such a high price, for polygamy – wouldn’t it be even worse if it was all for nothing?

And by now, there is no way going back. So where would we end up?

So, really, I don’t know.

But I can say this: muslim women have no business “marrying” men who are already married to women who aren’t muslim. If you share a husband with a muslim woman who is ok with it – fine. But NEVER NEVER NEVER invade the marriage of a non-muslim woman. May you be cursed if you do.

Daddy’s Allowed

Kiki%27s_and_daddy%27s_hand%28s%29My son came to see me and Graham yesterday. We’re in the Chilterns and we will be spending easter there.

My son had some marvellous news! He has met a girl at university, a law student, and he wants to bring her home on saturday for dinner, to introduce her to me and Graham. He says she’s extremely nice, smart and funny. Sounds good!

I am so happy – and curious… ๐Ÿ˜‰


My son had me sitting down before he went on. Then he said:

“I’ve told her my father’s dead. I told her he killed himself.

To me, I’m not lying, mummy. You see, my father is dead. The father I had chose to take his own life by giving his life with us up, knowingly stabbing us in the heart and giving up on me, on us and being such a sick sociopath that he had actually managed to make himself believe that we’d forgive him. He killed himself. By giving his children up. By choosing to fuck a teenager instead of being a father to me and my sister, and being a husband to you. He just killed himself, do you see mom? You know when he said to me that what he did wasn’t bad, that “daddy’s allowed” – he just died, see? And if I ever have children, that’s what I am going to tell them too – that my father committed suicide in 2010.

The only way I am able to even think about him is to consider him dead.

Ok? So that’s what I have told this girl.

My father committed suicide in 2010.”

I love my son so much. I’m happy I can put my arms around him.

I can understand men who give up half their lives with their wives to take on a second wife.

I can never understand men who give up half their lives with their children. Men who believe that they are the ones who decide if “daddy’s allowed”. In the end, they have no say in the matter. My husband, who is still hoping for a reconciliation with our son, has no idea that to him he is dead. That he committed suicide Nov 5 2010 by taking a second wife.

Love for your Brother what you Love for Yourself

S%C3%A9pulcre_Arc-en-Barrois_111008_12Once, about two months after my husband told me he had become polygamous, he came home having spent his four days with #2 to find me in bed, shivering and crying, with all the curtains down. I was just lying there in the dark. He came and lay down beside me and sighed. After a while, he said:

“I wish you could see how much I love you, that nothing is going to change that. I wish you could stop hurting and enjoy our love and our marriage, and find it in you heart to love for your sister what you love for yourself. I so want you to stop hurting, Fiona.”

Love for your sister….. I could have just killed him when he said that…

I sat up and looked at him. I said:

“Will you promise to lie there, silently, without saying anything or interrupting me ย for five minutes? Will you promise to let me talk for five minutes?” He said yes. So I said:

You remember Ali? That oily, revolting guy you hated so much who used to work at your office? Imagine coming home to me now, only to have me tell you I have married him, and that I will spend four days with him, four days with you, for the rest of your life. Imagine letting me go to spend my wedding night with him. Imagine being here alone, picturing Ali taking my clothes off, kissing my neck you know, behind the ear the way that always makes me so wild. Picture him kissing me, exploring me with his tongue, kissing my breasts. I will fall to my knees, pull down his trousers and slowly take his huge **** in my mouth, enjoying his size, the taste of him. Do you picture it husband? His **** in my mouth? He groans as I caress his **** with my tongue. I look up into Ali’s eyes and see how he wants me. I lie down on the bed and spread my legs to him. Can you picture it husband? Can you picture him getting on top of me, going down on me. Slowly, he begins to eat my *****. For just a second my mind wanders to you, home alone, crying and imagining me, but I soon forget as pleasure rises when he licks me and I scream out for him to f**k me, and slowly he enters me with his big ****, f**king me hard, smiling down on me, can you picture his smile husband? I moan and beg him to f**k me harder and faster while you’re lying here alone crying, knowing that this will go on for the rest of your life and even when I’m making love to you pictures of me f**king Ali, riding his ****, being f**ked from behind, screaming out as I come, will invade your mind and you will see his ecstatic face when he comes inside of me before your inner eyes husband, can you see it?

By this time my husband was crying like a baby, and he suddenly took hold of my arms, shook me and screamed, “Stop it! Stop it!! I can’t take it!! Stop it!!!!”

I stood up and looked at him, he was convulsing in tears.

“Look at you. You can’t take imagining it for five minutes even. But you’re making me live it for real, for the rest of my life.”

I left, and stayed the night with my brother.

Will I go to Heaven even though I am polygamous, and do I want to?

Houris on camelback

Houris on camelback

I don’t know how many times I’ve been told that polygyny is a beautiful thing, a religious thing, it’s permitted, responsible and caring and the men who practice it will be forgiven anything by women, because they are men, and Allah has decided that whatever they do we must submit and admire their superiority or else they have the right to beat us. So being 60 ย and marrying a 9 year old is beautiful, doing it without telling you first wife is beautiful, beating your first wife if she complains is beautiful, and so on.

For me, who had half my life thrown in the trash by a husband who chose to marry a girl younger than our daughter, ย to take on a second, fully grown and free, spouse who’s fully aware of my being already married will take me straight to hell though I’m told.

I can’t believe the bigotry of these people…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But when I read descriptions of paradise according to islam, I can tell you – I don’t want to go there!! It’s like the wet dream of an oversexed 14-year old.. All men will get houris and virgins and their wives will become beautiful and they will be able to have as much sex as they want with the virgins, the wives and the houris. And alcohol – as much as they want.

So I’m asking, who came up with this paradise? Was it Muhammad, or was it Beavis and Butthead?

What about women in this “paradise”? Well, they will be happy because they will be beautiful, and because they won’t be jealous when their husbands are off fucking hundreds of virgins.

Ok, so I can tell you – I’ve decided to go somewhere else when I die.

I believe there’s another kind of heaven for people who believe in equality, in not doing to others what you would not have them do to you, who believe in honesty, not the right to lie to keep peace in the household, who believe that it’s wrong with violence and abuse in the home, who believe children are off limit to old, dirty pedophiles. That’s where I want to go. Those who want this other place can keep it.


Is Polygamy Selfish?

Dresseuses_d%27Hommes_7Yesterday, I asked my husband: When you decided to become polygamous, did you see it as selfish? He thought about my question long and hard and then he said, no he didn’t.

He said that he had been thinking about it for some time. Friends of his from the club for arab businessmen often talked about the advantages of polygamy, how their wives started to compete for attention, how the sex-life improved, how they felt young again by having a new love, a new young wife. They also talked about how they took on the responsibilities of providing for a new wife, of guiding her to islam and what a good deed this is. He said he really felt polygamy is a man’s right and that it can be a good deed. He understood of course that I would be hurt, but he managed to convince himself that I would eventually get to love his new wife as a member of the family, and that I would see that he was doing something good.

Well, I mean, there are people who believe in aliens in the Nevada desert too, right?

The reaction he got from me however, was way beyond anything he could have imagined. He said it really shocked him how hurt I was. If he hadn’t already committed to #2, he would have given up on the idea.

And when I became polygamous too – that’s when reality eventually dawned on him. That’s when he finally realized just what kind of pain we were talking about, the pain of all pains. That’s when he realized how out of this world selfish one must be to become polygamous against the will of one’s spouse.

He said it’s a lot like becoming a parent. You can’t really understand the love, before you have experienced it yourself. In polygamy, you’ll never understand the pain until you’ve experienced it yourself.

This is the reason why there will never be any real empathy or understanding between husband and wife in polygamy, until the right to become polygamous is gender equal.

Don’t you think that men would think differently about polygamy if they knew that by becoming polygamous they were granting the same right to their wives?

I say it again: If MEN were to be submissive and obedient to their wives, we would have more happy marriages, less war and less misery and crime. We should work to have this rule changed! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you ever Compare your Spouses? Q&A

Aspects_of_Violence_%28Himsa%29Question: Do you ever compare your spouses, I mean as lovers?

Answer: Yes I do, And I can tell you for sure your polygamous husbands do too. It’s impossible not to! First of all because there are differences, and you are bound to notice and compare these. Especially in the beginning, when you are on the adventure of discovery. Comparing is an inextricable part of taking on a new spouse. Just as you will compare their sense of humour, their cooking, their habits – you will compare them as lovers. I understand that this can be stressful, but sorry, it’s the truth. And since I am on a four day schedule I will, even without thinking about it, compare quite often, because four days is enough to get used to one experience, and having to readjust to the other. So yes, I keep comparing.

And just as I know who is the better cook, I know who is the better, more satisfying, lover. ๐Ÿ˜‰