Polygyny in Islam


This post on Polygyny, by Sheikh Taqiuddin and Nabhani, is so deceitful and downright evil that I must reblog it, with a comment.

The “sheikh” claims, built on analysis of An Nisa 3 that polygyny is permitted without conditions . He claims that not even justice is a condition, and he reasons thus: “Indeed, it should be known that the justice mentioned here is not a condition for marrying more than one wife. Rather, it is a ruling for the man who wishes to marry a number of wives that he must observe in the event of marrying more than one wife, and an exhortation to restrict himself to one wife if he fears he will not be able to deal with them justly. This is because the meaning of the sentence is completed in the verse by His (swt) saying:

“Marry women of your choice, twos or threes, or four” [An- Nisaa`: 3] This means there is an absolute permissibility of marrying more than one wife. Thus, the meaning of the sentence is completed. In another statement, He (swt) said:

“But if you fear”. The phrase:

“But if you fear” cannot result in being a condition because it is not linked with the first verse as a conditional clause. Rather it is a resumption of a new statement. If Allah (swt) had wished to make it a condition then he would have said: Marry women of your choice, twos or threes, or fours if you can deal

with them justly, but that is not the case, so it is established that justice is not a condition, rather it is another Shar‟a ruling different to the first ruling.”. The “sheikh” argues that had there been an “if…then” sentence this would have made a binding condition, but since there isn’t one, justice is not a condition. However, all trough the text this “sheikh” tells a horrid lie by actively leaving out the first part of An Nisa 3: “And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry …” The “sheikh” not only fails to include the entire passage, he actively lies about it by quoting “(Marry) women of your…” Hence, by using a capital M telling the lie that this is how the sentence begins. Thus, the “sheikh LIES and WILLINGLY TWISTS THE WORDS OF GOD – making himself a LIAR and a munafiq and, according to islam muslims should make takfir on him since he uses the words of God to lie and deceit and tell falsehoods.

The “sheikh” himself says that had there been a connection between sentences, the first part of the sentence would have been a condition. As we all know An Nisa states that “And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry women you choose…”. So, according to the “sheikhs” own reasoning, the condition here is clear. This is why this cursed “sheikh” has to lie to support his argument, leave out half the quote, and by using a capital M pretend that this is how the quote begins. THIS “SHEIKH” LIES ABOUT ALLAH; ABOUT THE WORD OF GOD – how can anybody, any true muslim, believe in anything such a man says???

As four his 5 stupid and ignorant reasons why polygyny is good, they only go to show why this munafiq is so eager to lie to make polygyny permissible without conditions – he is obviously peverted and sexually warped.
1. Men have a higher libido than women in their 20’s, women have a higher libido in their 40’s. Hence, from this point of view, women in their forties should marry plural husbands in their mid 20’s – not the other way around.
2. Men are barren too. Women who are married with infertile husbands hence should be allowed to marry other men. The more men a woman marries, the more likely is she to become pregnant whenever she wishes.
3. A women can have sex as many times as she wants, every day all her life. This is not true of a man. A woman can satisfy 20 husbands every day should she wish, a man can’t. A man who is sick can’t earn his living. So if a husband is sick, it would be beneficial for the family to have another husband or 2 to earn a living.
4. Wars sadly kill women too. Especially now when islamists murder women and children without hesitation.
5. There are more men than women in the world.

SO this “sheikh” is not only a liar, a munafiq, a kufr and an evil bastard, he is also an idiot.

(I ask you to please excuse any mistakes in this text due to the fact I’m writing hastily on my phone with the bl***y autocorrect on!

Originally posted on Ahkaam Islam:

Allah (swt) has said in His Noble Book:

“Marry women of your choice, two or three, or four but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or what your right hands possess. That is more fitting so that you do not deviate from the right course”. [An- Nisaa`: 3]

This verse was revealed to the Prophet (saw) in the 8th year of the Hijrah. It was revealed to limit the number of wives one can marry to four. At the time of revelation of this verse, there was no limit to the number of wives one could marry. On reading and understanding the verse, it becomes clear that it was revealed to limit the number of wives to four. The meaning of the verse is: marry of the women, two, three or four who are permitted and agreeable to you…

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Muslims – Do They Exist?

MosqueMore than 20% of the world’s population call themselves muslim. Muslim being the word to identify a person belonging the the religion islam. Islam is an Arabic word meaning something close to “submission to God”. Muslim also is an Arabic word, meaning “one who submits” or “one who surrenders”. One should think then that there is a community of people in the world who believe in the same religion, islam, and recognize each other as believers, a belief that is enhanced by the use which is common among people who call themselves muslim of the concept “ummah” which is supposed to encompase the worldwide fellowship of muslims.

The problem is though, that no such fellowship exists.

Most muslims recognize the quran as the word of god. If however, a person claims to follow the quran only since all other parts of islam are man made, this person will be ostracized by most other “muslims” for being a “quranist” who has defected from islam by rejecting the sunnah and islamic tradition. Many “muslims” believe quranists should be put to death, the “proper” punishment for “khufrs”.

Then, there is a group – the largest group – of “muslims” who call themselves Sunni. Sunnis believe that the first four caliphs were the rightful successors to Muhammad; since God did not specify any particular leaders to succeed him and those leaders were elected. Sunnis believe that anyone who is righteous and just could be a caliph but they have to act according to the Qur’an and the Hadith. They have their own set of hadiths, that they recognize. There are plenty of other hadiths, but if you follow them you are a khufr and should be put to death according to many sunnis. Sunnimuslims are known to claim that no so called muslim nation today is really muslim. When challenged on why “muslim” nations in the world who follow the shariah aren’t perfect, they will answer it’s because no ruler today is truly “muslim” So obviously, being a muslim according to these people is something only you and a couple of your closest friends who believe exactly like you can achieve. This is something one can easily gather from e.g. Umma Forum on the net.

Then there are shia muslims. While the Sunnis believe that a Caliph should be elected by the community, Shia’s believe that Muhammad appointed his son-in-law as his successor and only certain descendants of Ali could be Imams. Most people in Iran, Iraq and Bahrain e.g. are shiamuslim. BUT – according to sunnimuslims the shiites aren’t muslim at all. Many believe they are satanists, and should be put to death for being khufr.

Then, there are some ten other forms of “muslims”, who all hate each other and claim that the others should be put to death for being khufr.

Among christians e.g., there is the possibility to have an ecumenical approach, since all branches of the church can respect each other if they choose. This is the common approach.

In islam however, this is not possible most of the time, since islam teaches that other religions can be allowed (christianity e.g.) but apostates must be put to death. This means that true “muslims” whatever branch of islam they belong to, will have a tendency to hate all other “muslims”, turning “islam” – whatever you might believe that to be – into a perpetual war amongst “muslims”. This of course means that the utopia of a muslim state can never be anything but the nightmare we now see spreading across the Middle East.

I spent an evening this week listening to a panel discussing the issue “The Muslim Nation”. There were eight participants, all muftis and imams from different branches of islam. They fought over almost everything, but they did agree on a few issues: They all agreed that there is no, nor ever has been after Muhammad, muslim nation. They all agreed on the fact that the other participants on the panel held deviant beliefs and were khufrs, and they all agreed on the fact that all other branches of islam than their own must be abolished before a true muslim nation could be created.


Most “muslims” however are smart people. They prefer living in the West, or escaping to the West if they can, where they can enjoy human rights, welfare and peace, and in stead they live their lives as “muslims” mainly on the internet, weeping for the non-existent true islamic state and calling down death on the khufr and the depraved West – blaming them for their inability to live in peace.


How Can a Polygamous Husband Protect His Family?

Woman_in_niqab,_Aleppo_(2010)A Yemeni merchant decided he wanted a second wife. He was happy with his first wife and they had a beautiful girl of 5 and a fine baby boy together, but he thought he had the right and the money to get a new wife.

His wife begged him not to go through with it. She pleaded with him that he should have mercy on her and her children who needed their father, loved him. She implored him not to forsake half of their lives together and cried and prayed, but to no avail. The husband was so excited about being able to have a new, young wife that he was unable to show mercy, or remember how much he loved his wife.

The husband had found a young girl whose father was willing to give her to the merchant in exchange for a substantial mahr. The husband made sure his wife had food and everything else she and the children might need and told her he’d call every day to make sure his family was ok, and if anything happened, they could go to her parents with his permission. He said he’d be back in 8 days. And he married his new bride and they took off on their honeymoon.

They spent their honeymoon in a hotel in Aden. The husband was intoxicated by the new feeling of being allowed to be intimate with a young woman, other than his first wife. He savoured being able to fall in love with a girl, being able to have his way with her. But he remembered to phone home every evening to his weeping wife, to check on his family.

On the fourth night of the honeymoon, June 29 2015, the husband and his new woman had just returned to their hotel room after dinner when the phone rang. The husband was surprised that anybody would call so late, and he had already spoken to his wife earlier that evening, but he saw now that it was his wife calling. He became nervous, and answered the phone.

“Somebody is breaking in to the house!” he could hear his wife scream. She kept screaming and crying while the husband said he would call the police using the hotel phone so he could keep his wife on the line. While he spoke to the police who were slow in answering and even slower in understanding what he was saying and finally promising they would send a car over, eventually, he could hear a loud crash as somebody came in through the door of his home. He could hear his wife and children scream. When the police finally promised they would send somebody he could already hear his daughter being raped while his wife screamed and begged for mercy.

The husband had a dead phone in one hand, because the police hung up on him. In the other hand he had the mobile phone and without being able to do anything he could hear how three men laughed, grunted, and cheered each other on while they ravaged his daughter in front of her mother’s eyes, and how they later started to rape the mother too. The men were laughing while the little girl was screaming out for her father to help her, again and again and again. Finally, after an eternity, he heard five shots.

When the police finally arrived, they found the little boy dead, shot through the head. The mother and the little girl were dead too – they had both been shot, once through the anus, once through the head.

“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women”  An Nisa 4:34

“Islam permits a man to marry another woman while taking care of the first if she chooses to stay with him. One can clearly see that there are many benefits which result from the allowance of polygamy.” Islamreligion.com

Who is the Second Wife in Polygamy?

There are women in this world who choose to “marry” a married man.

There are people in this world who claim this is a “right” women have.

Who “marries” a married man?

Islam respects women

Islam teaches that we should want for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves. Muslim scholars all agree that the reason why islam does not require permission from the first wife for a man to go ahead and marry a second is that no man would ever be allowed to marry a second wife since no sane woman would be willing to share her husband (Quote from muslim scholar.)

Hence: A second wife is a woman who is breaking one of the most important rules of islam. A second wife is somebody who does not wish for her sister what she wishes for herself – a happy marriage and a husband she can trust.

Islam teaches that muslims should treat each other honourably and honestly. Research proves that most polygamous marriages today are secret, and began with an illicit affair turned into polygamy when the husband was found out.

Hence: A second wife is a woman who desecrates islam by not treating her mellow muslimah honourably and honestly. Most second wives are also whores, since they start out having an affair with the man they eventually “marry”.

When questioned, second wives give as their number one reason for marrying a married man that they fell in love with him. It is also common that they say that the man promised to divorce the first wife after the second “marriage”. The rest of the second wives say that they wanted the man’s money, perhaps they were divorced and wanted a husband or the guy was rich.

Hence: A second wife is a whore and a common prostitute. A second wife in islamic polygyny is a person who spits on the words of the prophet that no woman ever should ask for another woman to be divorced.

A second wife is a greedy whoring munafiq.


Polygamy Weekend

imagesThe weather’s been unusually triste and I’ve been feeling restless.

As a result, I decided to clear the attic, get rid of some old junk and cobwebs. I’m with Graham until tomorrow evening, but he’s busy with clients and Tamsin was at the Aquarium with her sister so I just needed something to do.

It’s amazing the quantity of stuff we’ve been able to stack up in the attic. Toys, furniture, clothes, books. Mind you, the house was built in the 18’th century so we’re not the first people to use the attic for “oh, we’d better save that if it should come in handy sometime in the future”-things. Anyway, I rather like cleaning so I don’t really mind the clutter I just want it to be clean and tidy. I spent the entire day up in the attic, only came down for a quick drink and an apple with Mark around noon.

When I came home, there was Graham. He was extremely off, and gave me the silent treatment. Obviously, he had come home midday to have lunch with me but hadn’t found me. He had called, but without an answer (I didn’t bring the bloody phone, since I didn’t really think I had left the house) and then he had called out to Mark from the garden and Mark told him where I was. And now, Graham felt I had given his day to Mark. Behind his back. That I had spent the entire day alone in the attic, except for ten minutes when I had ice-tea and an apple with Mark, didn’t matter. I apologized profusely but it didn’t make things much better. And I told Graham I couldn’t make the day up, since I couldn’t punish Mark for my attic excursion.

In the end Graham said he knew he was being unreasonable. – It’s just that since I only have half a wife I need all my time with her. My time is all that is entirely mine. Please don’t give it away because then I have nothing left, he said.


Marriage – Polygamy and Defense of Marriage

Major_Alan_G._Roger_at_Same-Sex_Wedding_CeremonyThe institution of marriage is a universal phenomenon. It is a union, meant to afford spouses social recognition as a unit, security and stability. In most religions, marriage is also a spiritual undertaking, a holy contract.

I would define marriage thus:

* A union between consenting adults.

* A partnership where absolute equality is the natural and unshakable basis.

* A lifelong commitment.

* A mutual agreement of sexual, social and financial engagement and responsibility, between equal partners, built on the recognition of absolute equality and equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of all people.

* A spiritual pledge and unity, a pledge to keep and respect each other that goes beyond flesh and society and truly transforms people from individuals to part of an entity.

* A promise, sacred if you will, to keep and care for each other with all your heart.

From my definition, you can deduce that I am all for gay marriage. There is nothing to say that a same sex couple should be in any aspect less capable of such commitment than a traditional couple.

What about polygamy then? Well, as I see it polygamy is fine. Polygamy between consenting adults who recognize that my spouse has exactly the same right to multiple spouses that I have. In some nations you can actually choose if you want to enter a monogamous or a polygamous marriage by the use of different forms. That sounds like a good idea, as long as the form clearly states that by choosing the polygamous option you also recognize your spouses absolute and equal right to marry multiple partners.

In islam, as well as in the fundamental “christian” sects that practise polygyny, however there is no equality. In these cults, what they call marriage is simply a contract where a man buys (by way of mahr and/or the burden of maintaining the family) the right to receive sexual services and obedience from women. A nikah is simply a legal ritual to allow for prostitution of the worst kind. Prostitution where the woman must consent to sex at any time and serve and obey her husband in anything while recognizing his right to beat her if she disobeys or says no to intimacy, and his right to keep her as a slave in the house with no right to ever leave the house without his permission and no right to keep any children she bears him.

In islamic “marriage” there are no equal rights, no mutual partnership, no equal responsibility, no spiritual pledge to keep each other and care for each other in equal measure. She must promise to care only for him, dedicate her soul only to him, while he can say that he will only dedicate himself to her every monday and three out of four tuesdays.

There simply is no such thing as marriage in Islam.

There is a contract, nikah, that gives men the right to have sex with women and keep them as servants in the home, beat them and have children from them, in return for money until the man, by uttering a few words, discards the women so he can exchange them for someone new and exciting. This is no marriage.

So this clamour now for civilized nations to recognize islamic polygamous “marriages” is absurd, as is comparison with same sex marriages.

Same sex marriages are equal, sacred unions and true marriages.

Islamic Nikah is nothing of the kind.


Law Against Polygamy

Finally, Canada has recognized in law that polygamy is a barbaric cultural practice.

Part 1 amends the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to specify that a permanent resident or foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of practising polygamy in Canada.

Her Majesty has only to sign to turn the Act into Law.

I now wish with all my heart that the rest of the Western world will follow. Any decent nation must recognize that polygyny as practised by certain muslims and mormons is indeed barbaric and polygamous men should not be allowed to enter any democratic nation.

– But you are polygamous! you might say. Yes. But the Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act forbids oppressive polygamy, not free and equal polyamory.

The next step would be to make sure that all democratic nations also recognize spiritual marriages (nikah e.g.) as grounds for a bigamy sentence. And consequently make sure that all barbaric men who practise islamic or mormon polygamy, and the women who enable it, are sent to prison for a long time, having committed a crime against humanity since it is difficult to find any other crime that causes such pain and long time suffering to women and children.

Thank you Canada!


Polygamy – Is it Possible to Love Two Spouses Equally?


Hello Fiona,

I have been reading your blog eagerly. My husband is about to marry again. We have been through every possible issue regarding polygamy and we have tried to agree on practical problems so as to minimize friction, like the schedule, moneys, holidays, talking to each other on the other wife’s day etc. I’m still worried though. I’m trying to keep my nafs in check but I’m worried about envy, jealousy and losing out.

But what worries me the most is losing his love. What am I to do if he loves her more? How am I to cope with watching him fall in love? I am HORRIFIED when I think about it, having my husband in my home, my bed but falling in love with another woman. And I do understand that he will, that it’s inevitable.

So I wanted to ask you, is it possible to love two people at the same time? To love them equally? Or will I be losing him, when his love for her grows?

Thank you for an answer,



Dear Hasnat,

You’re in for the mother of all pain.

Watching your spouse falling in love, deliberately opening his heart for another woman to enter as a visitor here put it, is the most soul wrenching experience one can ever go through.

Will you be losing him? Probably not. A man who can have two women who love him won’t give one up if he doesn’t have to. You will however lose what you have now. Never again will you be his number one or only priority. Never again will you be the only one he turns to late at night to talk about happiness or sadness. Never again will he be an equal partner to you, one who invests as much of himself in your relationship as you do.

It is possible to love two spouses at the same time. Equally? Well yes. 2+3 equals 5, and so does 4+1. I wouldn’t say that 4+1 and 2+3 are identical, but they are equal and they both add up to 5. I don’t think you can ever harbour the same love, or identical love, for two spouses but you can love them equally.

I wish you didn’t have to go through this. I shudder at the thought of what lies ahead of you.

Every person is worth being loved as much as he or she loves.

Why Husbands Need Polygamy

imagesOur society is full of problems created by patriarchy.

We see how domestic violence is the greatest threat to a woman’s life. Most women who are murdered, are killed by a close relative – oftentimes the significant other. Societies that condone domestic violence, or even state that men have a right to discipline their wives, are promoting a state where men dominate women by force.

Most women who are raped, are raped by somebody they have a close relation with. Sometimes a friend, more often the significant other. Of course, a society that condones rape, or even states that there is no such thing as marital rape since the husband’s right to his wives’ bodies is absolute, encourages men to take women by force.

We see how men regard themselves as superior. They claim a superior right to careers, to higher wages, to status and acknowledgement. Of course, societies that claim that a wife must obey her husband, that a woman’s place is in the home, submissive and silent, promote men’s subordination of women.

This way, men’s natural tendencies towards aggression, violence, arrogance and sexual violence are promoted by patriarchy. And at the pinnacle of patriarchal societies, we find polygyny. Through islamic polygyny a man is allowed to cause his wife the ultimate pain and humiliation by forcing her to share her life, love, time and body-fluids with other women. In islamic polygyny, as opposed to e.g. polygyny among mormon polygynists, a husband has a right to beat his wife/wives if they do not agree to sex whenever he wants it or if they try to leave the house without his permission. A muslim polygynist is allowed, even recommended, to demand sex whenever, and beat his wife if she doesn’t yield to him. Islamic polygyny promotes all the most vile, primal and evil tendencies in man.

The best, most natural thing, to do to teach men humility, compassion and love is to make them eat the dish they have prepared for women. By forcing a man to share his wife with other men he must learn to overcome his possessiveness, jealousy, aggressiveness and feeling of superiority. This is the reason why men need polygamy. Equal polygamy.

Polygyny is equally harmful to men and to women. Polygamy where men and women have equal rights to become polygamous is equally beneficial to men and women.

Polyandry Proves Beneficial to Mankind

1013483_354648064665525_279483948_nNow, science finally proves that polyandry is beneficial from an evolutionary point of view. Research shows that the reason why sex between two genders has remained the way humans procreate is that females must be given a choice to mate with only the best of the males. One could argue that this could equally be an argument in favour of polygyny. This is not the case. Polygyny does mean that only a selection of males can breed, since there are approximately as many women and men in the world. But it is a patriarchal system that puts the choosing in the hands of the males, which is unnatural and unfavourable, since the “wrong” males are allowed to marry. It also means that the world will be full of sexually deprived males.

Polyandry on the other hand provides all men with a wife. The wife can marry many men, but choose to have children with only one or two of her husbands – the ones that she feels will be the best fathers for her children. Thus, the most suitable males will be allowed to breed but other men will still be allowed a healthy outlet for their sexual and emotional needs.This will also mean that the risk of over population will be contained.

So, the Quran is right in restricting polygyny, while allowing unlimited polyandry.